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SimTim-technology: features

1. The proposed technology was born as a creative synthesis of discoveries in the different fields of knowledge:  the depth psychology, with its numerous schools, Socionics, the various theories and classifications of personality, a wonderful integrated approach K. Wilberʼs approach, system theory, synergy, philosophy, sociology, ethnology, cultural studies, physics, management, system medicine and many others. SimTim-technology is based on Sigmund Freudʼs and Karl Jungʼs discoveries: the functional structure of the psyche, its components and «blocks», as well as some of the principles of modelling complex nonlinear systems. This explains the first part of the name SimTim – system-information modelling.

2. This technology differs from the formal and depth psychology, HR-management. It determines the surface or a temporary state of the psyche and the personality, but it  does not start with a stable – congenital and acquired at an early age – physic peculiarities, clearly separating them from functional states, stages of spiritual and personal development, mental health, social roles, etc. In psychology and management these facts considered to be the general laws of any psyche. Actually it works differently in different stable types of personality, as well as within the different peoples and cultures.

3. Another advantage of SimTim-approach is the existence of the formal models for describing the structure of the psyche and personality, status and development, as well as rapid, simplified method of psycho-diagnostics, which, together with this is based on  the theoretically grounded and empirically verified laws. We have accumulated a sufficient data base, which includes, among  the other things,  the date of birth, and photo catalog of reference types, and a database of families (children and their parents). All stored information is periodically selectively rescanned and updated.

4. This method also differs from Myers Briggs Personality typology too on a number of important fundamental questions, both theoretical and practical ones. We accept, what is undeniable achievement of Socionics – the theory of informational aspects and the method of formalized models, valuable operating time by the method of determining and describing the types, subtypes, and psychological traits, – but we are trying to correct and compensate for its many errors and gaps. In particular, we have re-reinterpreted and developed the concept of psychological type, personality, relationships, psychological compatibility, dependency, personality development, have built entirely new models of the psyche and personality and experience, involving exact results established in depth psychology, Wilberʼs integral approach; have  introduced new basic concepts that are well resolved the contradictions and problems of socionic theory and practice (energy-information filter, energy-information matrix, innate-EIM, adaptive-EIM, actualized-EIM, archetypical and functional blocks, etc.). In addition, weʼve broken the artificial barriers that separate the Socionics from the other areas of knowledge about man and society, is constantly working to enrich the Sim-depth by psychology approach, K.Wilberʼs integral approach, HR technology, personnel management, systems medicine, philosophy, religion, etc.

5. SimTim-approach is complementary for K.Wilberʼs integral psychology. Our technology includes the theory of psychological types and usage of formal models for the study of personality development. Integral psychology does not use all of these research tools.
The theory is based on the unequal ability of people of different sustainable types to one or another way of  development. Therefore, we do not support the optimism of K.Wilber that any person can develop itself in any different way. On the contrary, we consider that every person has its specific way of developement.

6. And finally, the last feature (on the account, but not the least!). Our technology allows to create and expand a network of reliable knowledge (in exactly the prescribed limits), each time analyzing the psychic structure of the „experts” and that social environment from which this or that information was received, as well as their degree of development in one or another aspects. The exact definition of a stable mental structure of famous people in the past (our approach may solve this problem) gives a more reliable criterion of what they did for global or national culture. And this is a truly great source for creating a network of relatively reliable knowledge.

7. The second part of the name SimTim – typological-information management – represents a practical orientation of our technology, the most widely application of personality types and profiles of personal development in daily life. In our opinion, management must be understood primarily as a personal Self-management, art of management within the life among the people, in modern world. Individual and collective psyche is a major factor in all areas of life, therefore a good Self-management is impossible without a certain level of general psychological culture. SimTim-technology always will come to help and suggest the best solutions to personal problems. On the other hand, the methodology of SimTim can be an effective tool in the field of personnel management, negotiations, marketing and many other spheres of businesses.

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